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No hair is too difficult to cope with. Clever styling and proper hair care will sort out any problems, creating an elegant style that is easy to manage between appointments.

Our stylists will take into consideration the natural fall and texture of your hair, the shape of your face, the tone of your skin, the angle of your jaw and your lifestyle.

Majirel by L’Oreal and Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf are our professional colour brands of choice and enable us to offer our clients true and reliable definition through colour, condition and shine.

Add Volume

For your own hair, why not perm it! You can increase the lift from the root or just add volume through a wave. Just because you have a perm doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair curly! A perm can really help boost a straight bob and give it staying power!

Add Length

Hair additions/extensions are not just for young girls who want long hair! They can add volume to shorter styles too.

Our hair extension expert has trained with Greatlengths, the global leaders in the luxury natural hair extension industry. This company will only train fully qualified hairdressers meaning that you can have your hair installed and expertly cut and styled all in the same place. We want you to leave with a gorgeous head of hair – you really cannot tell the difference!

Add Personality

Ultimately, the way your hair looks when you step out of the salon is all important and can enhance your mood and confidence. We pride ourselves in finishing your style with finesse. Whether it may be round, flat or ceramic brushes, big rollers for glamorous bouncy hair, ceramic straightness for chic and sleek or pro-styler for versatility – we have the experience and the means!

Finishing and Aftercare

Carefully chosen finishing products ensure that the style is held in a manageable way and protected from outside elements and are available for you to purchase to help you maintain your look.

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