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Medical Tattooing

Areola Micro Pigmentation

After a mastectomy, women want nothing more than to regain their identity and self-image. Following your reconstruction let Deborah’s Areola Micro Pigmentation permanent tattoo makeup restore the hue, shape, and texture to your areola. It’s one of the great last steps to restoring what was once a lost part of yourself.

Deborah Egan provides Areola and Nipple Micro-pigmentation for breast cancer survivors.  After a mastectomy, women frequently have breast reconstruction or Areola Micro-pigmentation. Breast reconstruction alleviates the deformity of the breast and constructs breasts that meet the patient’s expectations aesthetically and psychologically.

The appearance of natural looking nipples and areola is achieved by skilfully blending pigments to enhance or recreate your skin’s natural colours and using special techniques to recreate texture, light and shade and ‘the illusion of protrusion’.

Areola Micro Pigmentation Procedure

Many women opt for Breast Restoration after mastectomy and as part of this process choose to have the nipple and areola created to complete the breast restoration process. Deborah’s permanent Areola and Nipple Micro-pigmentation techniques involve implanting carefully chosen bespoke colour pigments into the dermal layer of the skin as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts. Areola and Nipple Micro-pigmentation provides colour, depth, texture and definition – essentially a tattooing of the area – in order to simulate a nipple and areola.

  • This process improves the appearance of post-surgical scarring around the circumference of the areola where nipple restoration or breast uplift surgery has taken place. Prior to the Micro-pigmentation procedure a consultation will determine the most pleasing colour, position, shape and size for the nipple and the areola.
  • If only one breast has been reconstructed – pigments are blended, to create the most natural looking result to match the existing nipple and areola.
  • For men and women who have areolas that are too small, asymmetrical, too pale or without definition; cosmetic tattooing can achieve a balanced shape, even colouration and clarity. Permanent cosmetic tattooing is a non-surgical procedure that when performed properly, is safe and effective. It’s an excellent way to enhance your natural appearance and possibly eliminate the need for traditional makeup.
  • Areola and Nipple Micro-pigmentation is a permanent cosmetic technique great not only for cancer survivors, but for men and women longing to enlarge the areola or define and smooth the nipple.

The Process

Topical anaesthetics are applied prior to the medical tattooing process to reduce the pricking sensation. However, in many of the cases, full sensation may not have been restored following the reconstructive surgery and hence you/the patient feels very little. The nipple and areola are created initially on the breast mound using a white pencil, and only when the patient indicates that she/he is content with the position and shape will the medical tattooing procedure begin. The pigment infusion process normally takes 60 to 90 minutes and does not require admission to a hospital. Full written aftercare instructions are supplied but Deborah will go through these with you verbally before you leave to make sure you are happy. Any questions you/the patient may have can be answered at this time. Deborah is always contactable by phone or email in case you forget something!

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