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What is Mesotherapy?

Redermalization is an innovative method that efficiently restores and prevents the signs of ageing, reducing wrinkles and fine lines thus giving the skin a fresh glow. Redermalization reduces signs of fatigue and improves skin tone and elasticity.

What makes the effects so noticeable is the the unique formula which combines succinate and hyaluronic acid improving the skin not only on the cellular level but also on the intracellular one.

I recommend a course of three treatments spaced 2 weeks apart and then a Top-up as needed. Your skin will appreciate mesotherapy with Hyalual.

Why use redermalisation?

  • To prevent chrono- and photoaging
  • Redermalization fights against signs of ageing
  • Prevents premature ageing


  • Younger, healthier skin
  • Improved skin colour due to improved blood micro-circulation
  • Improved skin surface and texture
  • Decreased depth and length of lines
  • Lifting effect
  • Reduced pigmentation

I use the Swiss product called Hyalual, using a unique technique called Redermalisation.

Redermalisation is not Botox® or fillers, it can best be described as vitamins for the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is well documented for its anti ageing properties, in fact, being a popular ingredient of many creams. However, the molecules of Hyaluronic acid are too big to be absorbed in cream form. Redermalisation is one of the most efficient ways to deliver Hyaluronic Acid to the skin

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