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About freshMinerals

Mineral makeup of freshMinerals is a useful makeup which cares hides and eliminates the disadvantages whilst protecting and nourishing the beneficial substances of the skin. People with sensitive and allergy-prone skin can experience the benefits of a stable mineral makeup because freshMinerals is harmless to the skin.

Features and Benefits:


Natural Look Make-Up

Foundation of freshMinerals is ideally applied on the skin and gives it a natural colour, shine and impeccable smoothness, which cannot be achieved using conventional cosmetics. Unlike conventional cosmetics, freshMinerals does not create the effect of the face “mask”, but it perfects the skin tone while maintaining its natural look. All the tonal resources of freshMinerals can be mixed together to achieve the desired tone.

Stability and Long Lasting Freshness

Mineral pigments clean and moisturise the skin, keeping the freshness of the day. It perfectly blends with the skin, absorbing excess oil. Brand products of freshMinerals are waterproof so the makeup is kept all day without re-application. freshMinerals powder can even be used while swimming.


Thanks to its natural origin, ingredients, mineral based freshMinerals cosmetics are suitable even for sensitive skin.


Mineral based cosmetics containing ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide prevent inflammatory processes. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend mineral makeup to patients who have undergone laser therapy, plastic surgery or to patients suffering from skin cracks or dryness.


freshMinerals products do not contain fats, flavours, talc, chemical and synthetic elements, artificial colours, fillers and binders. freshMinerals foundations do not clog skin pores. They are designed and created in order to allow your skin to breathe all day long.


Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural, enhanced protection from the sun. All freshMinerals powders include SPF 20.


freshMinerals cosmetics are ideal for people with skin problems like acne, atopic dermatitis, etc.

Please ask for a lesson or demonstration of the make-up if you are thinking of purchasing.

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