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Permanent Makeup

As a nation we are spending more time thinking about how we present ourselves best.

Permanent cosmetics can provide you with subtle enhancements or full-on glamour!

Is it for you?   Read on…

Go natural – A big trend at the moment is to have a barefaced look. It is a look that can be achieved beautifully with permanent cosmetics. Tiny hairs tattooed into your brow area, a defined lash line and pretty blushed lips wearing nothing but a sweep of gloss will give you that.


Get Glamour – On the flip side, there are clients who really want a celebrity look. Perhaps you want Megan Fox eyebrows, Angelina Jolie’s eyes or Amy Child’s lips.

The choice is yours!

Medical – Pre or post a surgical clients.  Many clients have lost their hair due to conditions such as alopecia or through chemotherapy.  If this is you or someone you know; there is help.

Raised self-esteem.

Convenience – watery eyes, poor vision, allergies to conventional make-up or hay fever? Permanent make-up could be the answer. Are you sporty, in the gym or water a lot or just lazy?

This is definitely for you!

Permanent Lips

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